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Quran and Etrat University is an online virtual university, providing online Islamic Education to the people worldwide in English. Academic staff consists of experienced faculty from around the world, but mostly from Iran.
About the program: The Basic Program curriculum allows students to select 6-14 credits each semester (Fall/Winter/Summer). A total of 84 credits is required for the completion of the program. It covers a broad range of subjects presenting a clear view of our Faith which is why it is highly recommended for the youth to partake in.
The program will exhort the students to join as they need little effort to succeed in learning the subjects as each provide weekly, ready- made study material suitably designed for its students and additional reference materials for further understanding of the subjects.
Apart from this every course has forum discussions allowing all the students to express their views on the topic and also discuss with their peers in a learning environment.
Grading System:
The grading system is based on the assignments, journals, projects, quiz and participation in the forum discussions.
What will you learn?
The course consists of areas of Shia Faith containing, but not limited to, the History of Islam, History of Quran, History of the life of Prophets, Imam Ali, Lady Fatima, Imam Mandi, History of Imams, Shia beliefs, Introduction to Jurisprudence, Islamic Ethics, Quran Reading and Vocabulary, and many more.
You can join even while you work/study:
The design of the program (the study material and assistance from the faculty members) makes it possible for you to complete it even while you study and/or work. To complete a subject of 6 credits, you will need only 3hrs a week .
When to Register?
New students can register every Fall/September semester. For more details please visit the website http://university.etrat.net 
You can also mail your queries to support@etrat.net 

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